How We Market Your Property

Marketing To Get The Highest Price

Martin understands the importance of marketing a property from the get-go. Taking advantage of the different marketing channels and options ensures that the right people are informed of your property as soon as it hits the market. Here’s a look at some of the marketing options used:

Digital Marketing: Martin uses his websites, direct emails, multiple listing services and social media to advertise your property. These various digital marketing channels allow him to publicize your property to an extensive network of buyer agents and perspective buyers. Martin will create a marketing plan using some or all of these options based on the target audience for your property, ensuring that time and resources are used efficiently and effectively.

Print Marketing: To ensure the maximum exposure of your property Martin utilizes primary print media such as newspapers, magazine ads and direct mail outs as part of your marketing strategy. Even with the shift towards a digital world, print media has kept its ability to effectively reach your target audience. Placing ads in the local newspapers, international publications real estate magazines provides the opportunity to highlight the unique features and selling points of your condominium, while reaching a larger target audience.

To create truly engaging marketing materials, Martin sources the best photographers, graphic designers, copywriters and home stagers. This ensures that your home’s best assets are displayed and highlighted in order to connect with prospective buyers.

For a detailed marketing plan, please contact Martin directly through email or phone.