Seller Services For Shangri-La Condo Owners

Seller Services

Deciding to sell your home can be an emotional experience. This makes it essential that you understand the process you are about to begin.

Martin will guide you through the process and provide clarification at each step, but to ensure you are fully prepared consider consulting the Seller’s Guide provided on this site. From understanding the current market conditions to valuing and pricing your home and signing a Listing Agreement to preparing your home for showings, it is necessary to equip yourself with as much information as possible.

Once you have read through the Seller’s Guide, contact Martin with any further questions you may have


Why use the services of an agent?

Selling your condominium is an emotional and financially based decision. Deciding when to list your property and for what price is heavily dependent on the performance of the real estate market.

Many factors will influence the worth of your home: the season, the economy, the neighbourhood and the condition of your home are a mere few examples. A highly experienced and knowledgeable agent will provide pertinent information that will result in a profitable sale completed in a timely manner.

It is a priority to make the process as seamless as possible for you. Providing a realistic account of the market, answering your questions and addressing your concerns at each junction of the sales process is an agent’s responsibility.


The Martin Zielinski Difference

Martin Zielinski’s sale service strives to provide an unparalleled Seller oriented experience. In order to provide the best return on the sale of your condominium and keep the surprises at bay, Martin develops a tailor-made sales program which focuses on utilizing new media tactics.

Whereas many of the competitors rely heavily on word-of-mouth, multiple listing sites and print ads alone to advertise a property, Martin employs his marketing and new media knowledge to develop a well-rounded marketing plan that benefits from new technologies while utilizing the benefits of traditional mediums. This expanded approach to marketing is the key to attracting serious buyers and selling your condominium quickly and for the highest price.

Martin’s experience has turned to valuable knowledge which results in a successful sales experience for you. Using discretion and working with a team of advisors, your home will be priced, staged, marketed and sold in confidence. As Martin is selling luxury real estate to and for high-end clients, practicing strict confidentiality is paramount. You can be rest assured that your real estate matters remain strictly between you, Martin and his team.

Being immersed in the real estate market allows Martin to negotiate rigorously on your behalf while also anticipating possible factors that can make or break a deal. For Martin, your satisfaction and privacy are the only option.